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Baking Naturally

Baking Naturally is based on the concept of utilizing only the best quality products that are certified organic and all-natural.  Baking Naturally isn't a "diet", it's not a "fad", and it's not meant to help you loose weight. What it is, however, is a belief that when food is homemade with the best ingredients available absent from chemical and pesticide treatments,  it is inherently better for you.  I also believe that making homemade baked goods should be the "norm" and not the exception.  Get out of the grocery store bakeries and into your kitchen and start baking naturally.  


My first book, Baking Naturally, is short in content by design.  This book is meant to be accessible to everyone that wants to introduce great tasting, chemical-free products into their and their family's lives. It's also designed not to overwhelm you with hundreds of recipes that you wouldn't have a chance to make anyway.  

I am also aware that purchasing organic ingredients and high-quality chocolate bars can be expensive. But, it's still not as expensive as buying store-made products that are far inferior to anything you make at home.  I suggest that you pick a few recipes in the book that you want to make, buy the ingredients, and focus on those recipes until the ingredients are gone or you feel like making something different.  It will help you commit to making these desserts at home rather than purchasing them, and utilize the ingredients you purchased.  


This book and brand were built from a lifetime of inspiration.  It was, and still is, a dream come true for me and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my recipes and philosophy with you.  


Get back into the kitchen, make your own homemade desserts, eat in moderation, minimize your exposure to chemicals and enjoy a healthier life, naturally.


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